Temporary residence permit also known as Privremeni Boravak in Montenegrin, allows the possibility of stay in Montenegro for one year at maximum. In case one decides to stay 90 days or longer one needs to obtain certain documentation (depending on visa conditions and relationships with different countries, registration may need to happen within 30 days, 60 days etc.). So what is necessary for a temporary residence permit?

1. Proof of ownership of the property (Lista Nepokretnosti (aka. title deeds)) that are not older than 6 months.
2. Proof from the bank of a 3 650 EUR deposit into a bank in Montenegro.
3. Copies of each page of a valid passport.
4. Certificate of no criminal record from the country of origin (not older than 6 months).
5. Marriage certificate - for family members.
6. Birth certificate for children under 18 years.
7. Valid medical insurance for a period of not less than 30 days.
8. All documentation must be translated by an official translator.
9. Check if you need to get an Apostille for your documents. In case your country is not a part of The Hague Apostille Convention.
10. Also, within 24 hours of your arrival in Montenegro, you need to register your arrival with the local police branch. You will need to be registered there in order to receive the permit.

- *The permit can only be obtained by owners of houses, apartments, commercial units, hotels, restaurants and holiday homes.
- *Ownership of a plot of land, ruin or non-residential building would not qualify for the temporary residence permit.
* Foreigners with residence permits will be obliged to notify the local police office each time they leave and return to Montenegro.
- * Depending on the city and the municipal laws, there might be some other demands
regarding the permit.
- * This above applies to people having VISA free travel to Montenegro. If you are unsure of this, you can visit the website of foreign affairs below.
- * It takes about 30 days to process all of this for a 12-month stay.

Work permit
- According to the Official Montenegrin Law regulations, the person from abroad staying in Montenegro may be employed in Montenegro in case he provides following document: work permit, permission for permanent residence i.e. temporary residence, labour contract. An additional condition is that the taxpayer has reported the work of the person. This should all be in accordance with the official Law.
- A work permit is issued by the authority of the Employment Bureau of Montenegro. Based on this document, the foreigner has the possibility to obtain a temporary residence permit in case it is required for employment.

- After receiving approval for a temporary residence, the next step is that the employer concludes with a foreigner labour contract. Alternatively, a legal entity or a specific, organizational unit of an international company registered in Montenegro conclude a civil contract which leads to registering person employment at the Employment Service within the timeframe of 15 days since the official start of employment.
- To cover and sort out all forms of employment and work of foreigners in the Montenegrin labour market of Montenegro there has been anticipated three types of work permits: personal work permit, employment permit and work permit. Once you register your company in Montenegro, you are eligible to acquire a residence permit!

Residence permit conditions
- Authorized capital under the laws of Montenegro may be just 1 euro (with an expectation of specific niches such as banks, insurance companies, etc.).
- One can obtain a residence permit on the ground of registration of legal entities in the country of Montenegro.
- Residence permit doesn't only allow a right to enter and stay in Montenegro but also gives the beneficial status of a temporary resident. This means one has the right to live and work in the country through the whole year and to obtain permanent resident status and eventually citizenship.
Look at: http://www.companyformationmontenegro.me/residence-permit-in-montenegro-

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