Montenegro has a market that is constantly changing and evolving, currently the market can be summarized into a few key points:

1. The current trend is that Russians are no longer the main buyers into Montenegro, the current trend is that the market will head towards Turkey and that most buyers will originate from there.

2. Long term investments are not in the interest of most buyers, most are looking for a fast return on investments (aka, less than 10 years)

3. The banking sector in Europe is not offering huge interest returns and some are even offering negative interest, this means it is an ideal time to purchase real estate

4. The prices range dramatically in Montenegro, this shows what places are worth your time to see and visit and which one are not.

5. High luxury buildings and areas still retain their value and are less likely to drop in price

6. Apartments are currently the best sellers, due to easy maintenance, easy organisation and being close to most town centers.

7. There are still large mega projects being constructed and that leads to high expectations for sellers.

8. Single bedroom apartments are in highest demand for year round rentals

9. July and August are the best short term rental and daily rental months.