Starting a career at The Remax Collection is a new experience, a career in real estate is all about freedom. A chance to set your own hours, be your own boss and achieve great things. And it’s a career you can get started on today. To help you understand how to become a real estate agent, you can look at the process in a couple of ways. 

While most countries require a realtors licence, it isn't the case in Montenegro. You can apply and register as your own independent agent, you work and do as you see fit while we at REMAX provide you the tools and methods to achieve great things. REMAX is the only agency in Montenegro where you receive training from some of the industries leading agents, consultants and advertisers. 

This is the job for people who are willing to work with other people, to connect and communicate and negoiate to achieve the goal of creating business. We would like all who show interest to partner up with us to achieve your goals and achieve many success ventures. 

Generally when applying we would like you to consider the following, are you hard working? Do you have the discipline and drive to achieve in the field of real estate and property? Are you willing to learn and adapt new principles and technologies to achieve what is needed? Are you good in working in a team? Since with this type of job you will require the advice and help from engineers, designers, marketers and so on to get the desired results. As well you will need to do your homework, studying and checking if you are giving accurate and correct information to help with the transaction in hand and to qualify if the business has the ability to be successful.